Critical Happy Birthday to Scienceblogs by Seed!

Scienceblogs, powered by Seed Magazine, the only real science blogorilla was launched 1 year ago with a good timing. Here is my summary on SB in a wired-tired-expired form:


wired: The numbers are terrific, the blog aggregator form is professional, the community is strong, Scienceblogs ‘s aggregated Technorati Rank is 30 (circa 57,629 incoming links from 6,078 blogs), which is superb and means that SB is the number one representative platform of science blogging in the blogosphere, the interactive portrait of ScienceBlogs’ Class of 2006 is cool.

  • 54 blogs
  • 23956 posts

tired: Too much culture (evolution-creationism) wars, and politics.

expired: Very poor stem cell research, regenerative medicine, biotechnology, aging biology and life extension coverage.

I think that talking about the latest stem cell bionews and regmed factoids, current issues in aging and life extension possibilities, for instance, is just simply more hardcore science, more relevant concerning our very life and less ideological than repeating the unintelligent evolution-idesign mantra embedded into full politics. It is not a steady evolution for a good scientist to become a mediocre politician. I know that pseudoscience and evolution denial is a big-big problem in the U.S., but let’s try and make things more proportionate. So I wish ScienceBlogs a happy new 2nd year, more science and less politics.

/Update, January 7th, 2007 at 7:34 pm: From an incoming link, Enceladus: “According to a pie chart published in Seed (parent of ScienceBlogs, although they don’t control any of the content on the blogs), the top three channels (common meta-categories universal to the entire network) by number of posts are: chatter, culture wars and policy & politics. Together, they consist 54.1% of all the posts on SB.“/

8 thoughts on “Critical Happy Birthday to Scienceblogs by Seed!

  1. And very few really medical blogs… BTW, I agree with you about politics and the I.D.- atheism dispute. But wouldn’t be so good to belong to them? 🙂

  2. Thanks Attila,

    Our most prolific and popular bloggers have always written about evolution/creationism, the dangers of alternative medicine, and the intersection between science and culture (culture wars). I don’t expect them to change. Neuroscience and global warming are quite popular topics at SB.

    If you want to see topics like biotechnology, stem cell research, and research on aging, you can always subscribe to RSS feeds for blogs that cover those topics.

  3. I have to add two more things. I get tired of the evolution/ID debates, too, because to me, and to most biologists, the fact of evolution is obvious. The problem is that there is an active religious movement that keeps trying to impose legislation to keep evolution out of the classroom. You should be concerned about this, too, because these are the same people who are working to outlaw stem cell research and any kinds of technologies that could lead to extending our lifespans.

    Here are some links you can use to search ScienceBlogs specifically for stem cells, another for biotechnology, and one for aging.

  4. Thanks Sandra for your comments and the useful SB restricted links. I just wanted to highlight the spectacular topical disproportion on SB. And yes, there might be a correlation you mentioned concerning the political support of stem cell research and the ideological standpoint on evo-creo but until it is proved and argued clearly why it is or must be the case (I doubt that) it would be good not to mix the 2, because real and useful stem cell science and technology has supporters from every tribe and has enough political problems already to heighten it with another problem too.

    From a Bodyhack post today by Kristen Philipkoski: “Hannity should know that the stem cell issue crosses party lines. Fox did an ad for embryonic stem cell research supporter and Republican Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter in 2004. And I have two more words to say on this subject: Orrin Hatch.”

    Ncurse:”But wouldn’t be so good to belong to them? :)” So then try it! It is a good community with many smart people.

  5. I blog on things that interest me (I’m the gorilla above), and that includes philosophical topics like atheism versus agnosticism, as well as the occasional item about ID and creationism, but most of the time I blog on species concepts, biodiversity and the like.

    I don’t know enough about stem cells to comment, unfortunately.

  6. Coturnix, one of my favourite SB blogger wrote in SciBlog Anthology suggestions so far, “As I stated in the original post, I am looking to showcase the diversity of science blogging. I got a lot of it already, but some things are dominating, while others are still missing. Can I get a poem? Something funny or satirical? Something about teaching science? A how-to recipe for a science experiment to do at home? Science for kids? Some history and philosophy of science? Check the original post for more ideas.
    I understand that posts debunking Creationism and other types of pseudoscience are very popular. So are the posts dealing with political/religious assaults on science. A few of those will certainly make it, but there is a wealth of such stuff out there, the competition is really tough. On the other hand, if you can think of something unusual or unique, something that nobody else does, it may have a greater chance of making it into the blook than your best smack-down of Dembski.”

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