Life Scientists: let us make video-articles for JoVE!

joveJournal of Visualized Experiments, or JoVE, the video focused science online journal was one of the most advanced and forward thinking newly launched website in 2006 in the field of life sciences. I am personally engaged in the topic of open source online protocol videos and JoVE is Pimm’s recurring theme. After the pioneer first issue, below is the Call for Submissions for the second issue by editor in chief and founder Moshe Pritsker. I would like to ask all the web-savvy and movie-able biologists to contribute. You do not have to make a strict narrative or perfect shots and cuts or publish complicated processes, just focus on the feasible and basic experimental procedures. A little DIY and a stable community makes web-based science and eventually offline science huge.

“Dear Scientist,

I invite you to submit a video-article on your experiments to the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE).

JoVE is a newly founded journal devoted to visualized (video-based) publication of biological research. The video-based publication format allows for an explicit demonstration of how experiments are performed, as compared to traditional print publications. Publishing in JoVE provides an opportunity for visual exposure of your/your lab’s research expertise to thousands of scientists accessing our journal.

Please visit our website at and a recent article about us in Nature for more information on our aims, submission format and editorial board that includes researchers from leading research institutions.

Articles published in the first issue include:

Nuclear Transfer Experiments
Kevin Eggan lab (Harvard University)

Light/Dark Transition Test of Mouse Behavior

Tsuyoshi Miyakawa lab (Kyoto University, Japan)

We invite submissions in all areas of biological science. JoVE employs the open-access model: articles will be published without submission fee and are freely available online. Please contact us if you
have any questions.

Moshe Pritsker, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief