Life extension blogterviews in 2006

What can/will You do for life extension? Answer these questions first.

Interviews in a temporal order: Reason, Chris Patil, Jim Craig, Aubrey de Grey, John Cumbers, Kevin Dewalt, Nick Bostrom, James Clement, David Kekich, Huber Warner, Mark Hamalainen, John Schloendorn.

For me it is important to introduce here people with different professional background who are life extensionists, but being a biotech blogger I would like to focus more on life scientists, stem cell researchers, biologists, biotechnologists, medical doctors, since they (we) are the ones who have a chance to realize any little piece of life extension technologically. In my opinion this is the stable way to make life extension acceptable in front of decision makers and the public. So I’ll continue the interviews, try to evoke mature scientists, and try to be more and more disciplinal except when I am not. 🙂

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