BioGates, SwartzGoog, BrinApple (weekend off links)

busrejuv1. Bloggers met with Bill Gates, one question and answer was:

Q) What would you be looking at today if you were an independent entrepreneur?
A) Something dramatic like artificial intelligence. Biology. Energy. Link

2. Aaron Swartz on Google childish simplexity: “Everyone I know who works there either acts childish (the army of programmers), enthusiastically adolescent (their managers and overseers), or else is deeply cynical (the hot-shot programmers). But as much as they may want to leave Google, the infantilizing tactics have worked: they’re afraid they wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere else.” Link via Dentonite

3. Sergey Brin on Apple simplicity in December Business 2.0: “…simplicity was one of the reasons that people gravitated to Google initially. … Success will come from simplicity. Look at Apple, the success they have had, and what they are doing.” Link via regularly buying the magazine offline

4 thoughts on “BioGates, SwartzGoog, BrinApple (weekend off links)

  1. His main point was that google’s employees behaved, and were treated, like children. But to back that up, all he could do was point out ways in which jobs with google were cushier and had more freedom than with other tech companies. I don’t see what the connection is, and neither any of the people who commented on his site (some of whom were google employees).

    It disturbs me that his idea of maturity is to work for an authoritarian corporation without luxuries or intellectual freedom.

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