Kevin Dewalt’s brand new blog

Kevin Dewalt, who was blogterviewed by me on his life extension centered life, started his personal blog this week. Excerpts from Kevin’s last post inspired by a lunch with David Gobel, founder and CEO of the Methuselah Foundation: ” The easiest way to simplify something is to look for a reason why it “won’t work”. It is easy to fall into this trap when evaluating potential start-up ideas and find all of the reasons why something won’t work. Here I was in the company of someone who was pursuing perhaps the greatest human endeavor in history. Against all odds and critics, David Gobel was trying to defeat age-related diseases and turn back the aging clock for all of us in our lifetime. I mean no disrespect to the other great human accomplishments, but does anyone know of another pursuit which measures up to this level of challenge and importance? Wallking on the moon? Discovery of DNA? Theory of Evolution? In any case, can you imagine how many people have told David Gobel that his outlandish idea “won’t work”?”

Rather than jumping to reasons why something “won’t work”, I’m going to focus on the problem and the vision.

Good blog to you, Kevin.