Adult stem cells and astronauts in the ISS with one screwdriver

califmapAllowing research into the medical uses of adult stem cells, but not embryonic stem cells, is the equivalent of sending astronauts to work on the international space station with a single tool” according to Dr. Geoffrey Lomax, senior officer for medical and ethical standards of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, running California’s $3 billion stem cell research program. Link

Well, if we ever would like to use stem cell therapy to extend healthy lifespan through continuous regeneration of every organ and tissue we have to use probably all available forms and sources of stem cells.

2 unintended consequences of stem cell research via Lomax’s MIIS talk yesterday:

i., Improved therapeutic techniques can drive medical costs up, because all patients will want the new, expensive cures.

ii., Intellectual property questions have arisen over who or what agency “owns” the fruits of stem cell research financed by the taxpayers.