Whatbox, Upper Lost Side, Stem Cell Connect-icut (weekend back links)

starbucks feeling at borders, CambridgeLinks I enjoyed recently all from mainstream media:

San Fransisco Chronicle: THE LOST TAPES Conversations tape-recorded in the early years with Google’s founders illuminate how their actions forged the growth of a Silicon Valley giant via Philipp Lenssen’s blog.

New York Magazine: The Death of (the Idea of) the Upper East Side by Jay McInerney via random choice at Borders‘ Starbucks in Cambridge (see Photo Booth picture), while drinking a Venti Gingerbread Latte.

The New York Times: Connecticut Takes a Lead in Stem-Cell Research Aid via gmail from Anna.

Quotes from the articles:

San Fransisco Chronicle: Question: What other names were considered? Sergey Brin: I think the previous contender to that was called the “Whatbox,” which would have been OK. But then we decided that “Whatbox” sounded like “Wetbox,” which sounded like some kind of a porn site or something, and we decided to stay away from that. Actually the old version of the system was called Backrub. That was because our technology had to do with looking at the link structure of the Web and looking at the backlinks — which pages link to what pages. So Backrub was sort of an immature technology and we turned the idea of looking at backlinks into a search engine.

New York Magazine: Members of the tribe that inhabits these buildings and whose territory comprises the Upper East Side seldom use the words society or socialite, although the phrase “social people” is often used to denote its members. It is far more porous today than it was in the days when Mrs. Astor’s Patriarch’s Ball defined society; some of its members descend from those old families or newer ones like the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts who were considered parvenus in the Gilded Age ….If a single precipitating event can be pinpointed, the beginning of the end for the Upper East Side might be John Kennedy Jr.’s taking up residence in Tribeca. ….Whether somebody is rich in Lima, Caracas, Paris, London or Rome, Moscow or Shanghai, they all want an apartment in New York that they visit only a couple of months a year. Hence the depressing feeling that the Upper East Side is empty and on any weekend is a desert.

The New York Times: One researcher will get $3.5 million to explore how embryonic stem cells might be used to repair skin, muscles, cartilage and bones badly injured in war. Another will get a few hundred thousand dollars to examine ways such cells could repair neurons damaged by epilepsy and seizures. A third will track their use in treating Parkinson’s and other degenerative brain diseases. Doling out $20 million to 21 research projects, Connecticut is moving faster and further than other states to take the most controversial form of stem-cell research, that involving tissue from human embryos, from the political arena to the laboratory. The money will flow beginning next year, and is just a start: the state has allocated $100 million over the next decade.

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  1. Google is one of the best name choice ever made. It is easily the first word of a child (crossing language barriers), perfectly colorful for a child, fantastically simple to play around with: so all things point towards addressing the curious child within us, yet there is a tremendously masterful technology behind the whole ease of use and appearance. Whatbox and backrub? They have gone a long way luckily.

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