These GFP cells are really green, in rats too. (weekend on)

rat gfp fibroblastI’ve worked all day and still have some commitments with my stemy cells, you know feed ’em, split ’em, torture’ em, and voyeur ’em so this is a weekend on session. Tomorrow is the same, I am adapted to this lifestyle and my girlfriend is tolerant blissfully. Left you can see my first rat fibroblast cells followed by confocal laser microscopy, which produce the green fluorescent protein, isolated from jellyfish. GFP’s role is to transduce the blue chemiluminescence of the protein aequorin into green fluorescent light. Fluorescent spectra of GFP and additional information is here. It is a big thing in biology, that now we also have stable green rat cell lines, not just mouse, zebrafish, drosophila,… If you search for the term “GFP rat fibroblast” in BioMed-Search, similar and better pictures will occur. Now go back to the tissue culture room, CU later.

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