Boondoggling the California Stem Cell Gold Rush? Journo lingo overload

boondoggleI am more and more surprised on how journalists are verbalizing the $6 billion California Stem Cell Situation. On the one hand California Institute of Regenerative Medicine has just got the first big, $181 million fund in state and private loans to scientists for realizing embryonic stem cell research out of the promised billions called Proposition 71 initiative but on the other hand journalists have already started to talk about boondoggling, $3 billion jug of snake oil and cash-starved scientists. Now we are sitting in the middle of the under simplified and over-conceptualized Bubbleboom concerning public opinion on the stem cell happenings at the West Coast.

Disclosure: According to Wikipedia Boondoggle is a North American term which has come to refer to the performance of useless or trivial tasks while appearing to be doing something important. In the United States, the key feature of this “art” is the waste of time and/or money involved. In Canada, however, the term has come to mean, more specifically, a government scandal involving the wasting or misallocation of public funds causing a project to be well over-budget, frequently more than double or triple the original cost.

2 thoughts on “Boondoggling the California Stem Cell Gold Rush? Journo lingo overload

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