The image of science: Google-like Biomedical Image Search Engine for pros

hESCssearchbiomedCheck out the brand new BioMed Search, it is fantastic, currently over 1 million images have been indexed from peer-review journals in biomedical fields and more is on its way. BioMed Search has been created by Alex Ksikes, currently a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science with focus in Computational Learning Theory at the University of Cambridge (good town, good to be here). The About says: “The goal of BioMed search is to organize figures, images or schema found in biomedical articles. BioMed Search indexes image captions along with the citations to these images. “ Pictures can be seen with full and thumbnail view. Recent Searches, my favourite, show terms recently searched for, with which you can catch research trends. If the number of users grew exponentially, a digg-like real-time spy could spectacularly dinamise the site.

With BioMed Search you can search for general terms like mitochondria, phrases like “proteomics”, searchrecent searches in the title of the articles only for “Mfn1”, get images from an article with a concrete PMID (PubMed Identifier), find images authored by “Nicholls”, limit results to content from a specific year date:1996 (actually just from 1996 presently), and limit search to a specific journal. And this is just by default.

Young science people with an entrepreneurial spirit full of diy hacker skills backed by current web technologies, like Alex Ksikes, who is a real coder, and Moshe Pritsker, biologist, founder of Journal of Visualized Experiments make filtered academic information instantly and easily accessible. And so academic scholar science becomes not just updated, but simply …cool.

via Google Blogoscoped, thanks Anna for the terrific tip.

Thanks Alex Ksikes to make this happen.

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