Be fast, discover: the Watson-Crick paradigm (weekend session)

I tried to explain to my girlfriend the historical recipe of discovering the structure of DNA by Watson and Crick in 3 shots. Place: in front of the blue paque outside Eagle Pub near old Cavendish, Cambridge, UK. (For me, iMovie is not as intuitive without the Help, which explains the poor quality.)

From the annotated version of the Watson and Crick paper: “Their competitive spirit drove them to work quickly, and it undoubtedly helped them succeed in their quest. Watson and Crick’s rapport led them to speedy insights as well. They incessantly discussed the problem, bouncing ideas off one another. This was especially helpful because each one was inspired by different evidence. When the visually sensitive Watson, for example, saw a cross-shaped pattern of spots in an X-ray photograph of DNA, he knew DNA had to be a double helix. From data on the symmetry of DNA crystals, Crick, an expert in crystal structure, saw that DNA’s two chains run in opposite directions.”