JoVE stats: blogosphere and Nature News traffic before official launch

The first official issue of the new biological video protocol site JoVE or Journal of Visualized Experiments will be available today 11 pm EST, November 30, 2006. The graph shows November traffic in term of unique visitors, first jovestats2.5 weeks mainly uploaders, authors, editors and editors’ friends used the page, from 17th there was a mild scientific blogosphere coverage, like Pimm, Blog around the clock and Easternblot, and from 24th, November, it was the Nature News article (no longer available, only to subscribers) aided by blogs, that generated the heaviest traffic, that led even to a server change.

Moshe Pritsker, founder and editor of JoVE says: “The first launch means more organized format (articles by categories), certain dates of issue. Later we plan to increase the qualities of the video-articles. The idea is to create a scientific publication with all the characteristics of publication, to avoid the Youtubish comparison, while remaining flexible. The site will have a different design and more video-articles, including ones from famous ES cell labs.”

Thanks Moshe for the data.

More on science video protocols: Science: video protocols can help to share the tacit dimension, Early science protocol video: OpenWetWare Drosophila CHiP

4 thoughts on “JoVE stats: blogosphere and Nature News traffic before official launch

  1. Yes, it is obviously not the JoVE way to become YouTubish (plus it was a self-righteous pun from Nature to put it that way). Most importantly, however, iIt is clear that (niche) readers can get very valuable news, views and schmooze from the blogosphere – most of the time earlier from blogs than slow-moving official sites. Keep on, Attila.

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