Nature News on JoVE: is JoVE really the YouTube for life scientists?

Nature News has an article of the new Journal of Visual Experiments website, whereof Pimm had a story one week ago with the help of Moshe Pritsker, founder of the site. The title of the Nature News post: YouTube for test tubes, which sounds good really, but is problematic a little bit. In a way the YouTube analogy is true, the biologists can now upload their protocol videos on the site, and can watch it freely, and there is the exciting DIY possibility, but on the other hand JoVE is not YouTube at all: there is a strict submission process with clear policies to go through, which excludes junk, and you cannot embed the videos freely. The first aim of JoVE is to be useful for people in the lab, which is a scientific purpose. Entertainment is just after that. Good luck for any bioDIYers.