Maximum Life CEO David Kekich: the investment strategy of life extension

David A Kekich is a heavyweight venture capitalist and investment expert. In 1999, he founded the Maximum Life Foundation, a corporation dedicated to curing aging related diseases. His LIVES™ financial strategy will finance davidkekichthe research needed to profitably develop life extending technologies. Kekich, who is also a lifestyle life extensionist, and very aware of current technological possibilities, answered the Pimm blogterview questions:

1. What is the story of your life extension commitment? I have basically committed all my professional efforts to help reverse aging within the next 25 years. My commitment was a by product of watching my parents relatives slowly deteriorate and die off due to aging related conditions. Life extension was also a strong interest of mine since my late 20’s, about 35 years ago. My total commitment happened as a result of a productivity and goal reaching exercise designed to show how much productive time I had left to accomplish my goals. My conclusion was, I needed to live longer.

2. Is it a commitment for moderate or maximum life extension? Maximum

3. What is your favourite argument supporting human life extension? Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns and market forces stemming from 78 million Baby Boomers’ growing demand for anti-aging therapies.

4. What kind of moderate life extension technologies have the chance to become successful, and when?
Caloric restriction. Now
Next generation supplements. Now
Life style habits. Now
All the above lead to future extreme life extension capabilities.

Future: Nanotech, regenerative medicine, genomics/proteomics. Artificial General Intelligence will put all these on the fast lane.

5. What is the most probable technological draft of maximum life extension, which technology or discipline has the biggest chance to reach it earliest? When? Mature AGI may be possible <15 years. If so, it will accelerate everything else. Without that, genomics (supplements and drugs ~20 years. Nanotech <25 years. Regenerative medicine gradual ramp ups starting soon and maturing before nanotech. Systemic regenerative medicine is possible. Nanotech is the ultimate. All these depend on funding.

6. What can blogs, wikis and other websites do for LE? Spread awareness which will lead to funding.

7. What can You do for life extension? Raise awareness and money.

Interview with James Clement, MaxLife C.O.O.

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  1. Dear David,

    My old friend, it is good to see that you are doing well after so many years.

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