The (all)mighty condrion: Mitochondrial biology, new perspectives, meeting in London

I am happy to participate: The Novartis Foundation in collaboration with The Royal Society of Medicine and The Physiological Societmitochondriay will be holding a one-day meeting on the above subject at Birkbeck College, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1 on Friday 1 December 2006. The field of mitochondrial research has undergone a complete re-evaluation in recent years. It is now clear that mitochondria participate intimately in cell life and death and that they are involved not ‘simply’ in the business of ATP synthesis but also in the modulation of cell signalling and as safe compartments in which potentially lethal proteins are stored. The meeting will include inter alia discussions of mitochondrial movement, fusion, fission and replication and the functional significance and consequences of these processes; the involvement of mitochondria in signalling pathways; the role of mitochondrial signals in the progression of programmed cell death; mitochondrial dysfunction and necrotic cell death, and the novel proteins and mechanisms that are implicated in all these processes. The meeting will draw together experts in biochemistry, bioenergetics, physiology, cell biology, pathology, neuroscience, and medicine with the aim of encouraging new ideas and novel approaches to potential therapeutic targets.

Mainly U.K., U.S. and Italian speakers.

Registration fees are £115.00 or £95.00 for RSM Fellows or Physiological
Society Members, or £25.00 for students. This fee includes refreshments and
lunch. Space is limited therefore early registration is recommended.

registrations and venue location

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expression source: The Not So ‘Mighty Chondrion’: Emergence of Renal Diseases due to Mitochondrial Dysfunction.