Pimm got BoingBoinged

aubreyboingedPimmblog, or more exactly the Aubrey de Grey blogterview got BoingBoinged this Monday. Despite the rumors, there was not any traffic overload, no tens of thousands visitors, no server dying, not any problems of sudden popularity. It was good, but now it’s over, back to the niche audience. In the meantime I am preparing for the next one. 🙂 Thanks, Mark Frauenfelder.

The effects: first 4-5 hours: circa 900 views, first day: 1838 views, 110 feeds, second day: 471 views, today about 250. Interesting will be the one week followup, I hope that I can retain and attract 30-50 or more regular readers-commenters due to the Boing attack. Here are the stats: