What can/will You do for life extension? Answer these questions first.

Dear Reader, if You are stem cell researcher, life scientist, medical doctor, scholar, activist, bloggers, IT professional, venture capitalist, philosopher, economist, politician, decision maker, businessman, biotech- or big pharma manager, plastic surgeon, hairdresser… who support life extension, please answer the questions below and send me to [attilacsordas][at][gmail.com] to get blogterviewed.

1. What is the story of your life extension commitment?

2. Is it a commitment for moderate or maximum life extension?

3. What is your favourite argument supporting human life extension?

4. What kind of moderate life extension technologies have the chance to become successful, and when?

5. What is the most probable technological draft of maximum life extension, which technology or discipline has the biggest chance to reach it earliest? When?

6. What can blogs, wikis and other websites do for LE?

7. What can You do for life extension?