New England All-Stars Award goes to Advanced Cell’s Lanza

Dr. Robert Lanza, vice president of Research and Scientific Development for Worcester-based Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), will be honored at the 11th annual Mass High Tech All-Stars Awards Networking Reception on lanzaWednesday at the category biotechnology. Link
Lanza is a key person in American human embryonic stem cell technology. Some public rearguard actions of the ACT’s controversial Nature Publication on the derivation of hESCs from a single cell without destroying an embryo, can be found here and here. Main point is the possibility to generate human embryonic stem cells from a single cell that is isolated from an embryo during routine preimplantatation genetic diagnosis (PGD).
The award could be interpreted as an East Coast support for Lanza and co. arm-in-arm with embryonic stem cell research. Meanwhile parts of the ACT labs are now in California: “To accelerate its development programs, the article noted that ACT recently moved to California. If you’re going to survive you must be close to the capital,” said William Caldwell IV, CEO of ACT.

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