Embryo research history to understand the Science effect

embryoHistorians, philosophers, bioethicists, scientists, lawyers will be taking a detailed look at the history of embryo research in order to understand how society, culture and technology have affected the course of science mainly in the last two century. From EurekAlert!: Arizona State University professor Jane Maienschein and her colleagues have been awarded a three-year grant of $750,000 by the National Science Foundation. “Embryo research serves as an ideal candidate to investigate the intersection of biology and society,” Maienschein said. Stem cell research, a recent development in the study of embryos, provides a good example of how ethical, legal, political and religious factors can affect science and its role in society. Link

The scholars are curious about what factors are driving change in embryo research during a certain period of time. If we can understand better what is happening just right now in the SC battlefield from this project, then it is worth to take a closer look at the embryo past.

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