Stem Cells’ growing role in U.S. politics: StemCandidates meet Pacman

John Hlinko, veteran internet grass-roots organizer has launched a website called StemCellCandidates to highlight stemPac— and facilitate donations for — the races in which the stem cell issue is most likely to tip the scales. Hlinko is also the man behind StemPac, a U.S. stem cell research supporting coaliton, which includes professional political consultants, scientists (for instance E.Y. Snyder, see previus post), patient advocates. Kristen Bodyhack Philipkoski wrote an interesting Wired piece about the topic: To be featured on StemCellCandidates, a candidate must first strongly support stem cell research. Second, they must be running against an incumbent who opposes stem cell research. Lastly, the pro-stem-cell candidate must have a chance at winning. Link