Yet another industrial stem cell alliance: Aldagen meets IMT

From PharmaLive: Aldagen, Inc. and Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) today announced that they have formed an superbatalliance to co-develop and commercialize a version of IMT’s Rare Cell Purification System, customized specifically for clinical cell therapies. This system, called the ALDESORTER(TM), will be used with Aldagen’s ALDESORT(R) product and is designed to isolate unique stem cell populations for the treatment of chronic heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, leukemias, genetic enzyme deficiencies and other diseases. The first ALDESORTER is scheduled for completion in early 2007, with clinical trials planned to begin in late 2007. Link

The isolation method of stem and progenitor cells is based on the elevated expression of an intracellular enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). Stem cells have been isolated from almost all tissues, and an emerging idea is that they share common characteristics out which high aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) activity is one candidate, raising the hypothesis of a set of universal stem cell markers.
Anyway, this whole regmed biotech industry field is in a big hurry now, I can hardly report the exciting news. And if you can not see the forest for the trees just think about that for all the regmed companies in the world there is only one direction and Partial immortalization(=time) is its only measure. 🙂

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