IT&BT: First Cell-Based supercomputer for life sciences research

Warning: recommended for tech savvy readers. More conceivable stuff with fewer floating terms will come soon. Today’s truism is that every post is the blogger’s experiment with his/her readers’ attention. 🙂

Tomorrpimmlogo1.pngow the construction of the world’s first Cell-based supercomputing cluster will be officially announced by builder Terra Soft. Processor architecture of the “E.coli” and “Amoeba” clusters are IBM Cell Broadband Engine and the OS will be Yellow Dog Linux v5.0. From HPCwire: Glen Otero, Director of Life Sciences Research for Terra Soft Solutions explains, “This cluster represents a two-fold opportunity: to optimize a suite of open-source life science applications for the Cell processor; to develop a hands-on community around this world-first cluster whereby researchers and life science studies at all levels may benefit. Both clusters will run a beta version of Y-HPC v2.0, the first commercial, cross-architecture Linux cluster construction suite; the Moab cluster management suite by Cluster Resources; and Y-Bio v1.1, a suite of gene sequence analysis tools soon to be optimized for the Cell processor. Link

Now a big portion of my workday went for seeking and setting up the correct apps for planning PCR primers on two genomes on my MacBook, first hunting for the proper environment under OS X Tiger, then for Windows, and I am not satisfied with the present solution. I would like to experiment with my primers, rather then using software Helps, and I am not an informatician just a biotechnologist.