Bodies in the Making book, essays by UC Santa Cruz professors

A new book coedited by UC Santa Cruz Literature and Anthropology professors Helene Moglen and Nancy Chen, bodiesBodies in the Making: Transgressions and Transformations, explores a range of practices that aren’t usually linked: tattooing, cosmetic surgery, body-building, life extension technologies, self-cutting. The common denominator is intended to be body hacking, modification and our fascination with altering our bodies. “Is there anyone not at some time obsessed with aging?” asked Moglen. “Is there anyone over 40 who is not at least thinking about what it might be like to get some kind of cosmetic surgery? Is there anyone over 60 not interested in hearing about life extension technologies? Link

Sounds like real Californian to me and real human. 🙂 Agree fully with that: thinking about eliminating the effects of aging is as natural (I know it is a controversial and philosophically overloaded concept) and universal for every human being as thinking about love.


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