Stem Cell Career Prospects: Multiple Potentials

Today’s has a comprehensive and enthusiastic ad section considering Careers in Stem Cell Research: Rejuvenating Biology and Medicine by Mike May: Beth Donley, executive director of the WiCell Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin, Madison says ”For stem cells, the breadth of application will depend careercomiclargely on the extent of the scientific imagination.” According to Olle Lindvall, professor of neurology at Lund University: “From my perspective, stem cell research – in the long term – can completely change our possibilities to repair the brain and do something for many neurological patients where we have nothing today.” “Beyond bench skills, Lindvall says that stem cell scientists need a knowledge of ethics. I ask my new students about their view on the ethical aspects of working on stem cells. If they see none, that is negative from my perspective.” Randall T. Moon, director of the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle has the opinion: “There are no quick answers here and no quick therapies.” He points out that it took scientists about 15 years to make bone marrow transplants safe and effective.”.. “California universities will have the most jobs in stem cell research” – he adds. Moon says, “people may eventually get at least part way to where a starfish has been all along: If it loses an arm, it grows one back. We may not be able to regrow arms, but we can certainly entertain the goal of leveraging knowledge of stem cells to improve treatments for diseases and injuries.” Link

Stem cell research is a full interdisciplinary enterprise: core knowledge of cellular and molecular biology – understanding the lab techniques and the analytical approaches, developmental biology, computational biology, bioengineering, nanotechnology.

So what about the disease called ageing which is – by the very concept of regenerative medicine – the most promising and final candidate of a possible regenerative treatment? Consider this: Ageing is nothing but the overall regenerative failure of the adult human body.

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  1. After graduation from medical schools, doctors embark on what is called an “apprenticeship”. In other words, this means that you’ll learn more about medical practice ‘on the job’ while actually practising it within your level of competency, knowledge and skills. This is usually performed in the hospital or community setting.

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