MIT Tech Review Editor on biotech’s rising star

Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief and publisher of MIT’s Technology Review Magazine who was speaking last week, at MIT’s Emerging Techpontinnologies Conference had the opinion in a discussion, that “It’s probably fair to say there’s more revolutionary innovation occuring in biotech and in the material sciences (nanotech) than there is in IT at the moment.” Link
It is not by accident that the Magazine is the home of the SENS Challenge aka the De Grey Technology Review Controversy on healthy life extension.

IT folks: more attention please to biotech and regenerative medicine! Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “MIT Tech Review Editor on biotech’s rising star

  1. Firstly on a somewhat irreverant note: The contrast between the conservative hair and downright awesome beard really makes this photo!

    Now more seriously: Best of luck with your work Attila (and congrats on getting a job in Cambridge). I have been paying attention to your blog since you posted a comment on mine.

    Although I don’t really have much to contribute here I greatly enjoy reading and will continue to do so.

  2. Hi Craig, thank you very much for your attention, it is mutual, I found your blog technologically so comprehensive.

    The conservative hair in this case is actually the lack of it.

    Cheers, Attila.

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