New Swiss Embryonic Stem Cell Lab

A Geneva lab headed by Anis Feki and Maris Jaconi tries jaconito isolate embryonic stem cells using a new procedure that avoids exposure of the cells to animal components, which carry the risk of infections. Jaconi told swissinfo. “To be able to apply cells for regenerative medicine, we need clinical grade cells that are clean in the sense that they are not derived from anything to do with animals.” Swiss in-vitro fertilisation centres have provided 100 surplus embryos donated by couples and dating from pre-2001, which had been earmarked for destruction. A new law allowing stem cell research on surplus human embryos, which was backed by two-thirds of voters, came into force in Switzerland in March last year. According to Jaconi, Geron, a California-based biopharmaceutical firm, is due to begin next year the first trials with human embryonic stem cells to try to repair spinal cord injuries. Link