American epigenetics expert in Mprize competition for Methuselah mice

From Market Wire: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Biochemist Dr. Craig Cooney today announced that he is cooneyentering the competition to win the Methuselah Mouse Prize (Mprize). Cooney is a epigenetics expert, which is the selective silencing of gene activity along specific segments of a DNA strand mainly through the methylation of the nucleotides. Trick is that Dr. Cooney’s group treats female mice before they give birth, instead of treating only the progeny. Link

Fixing the ageing process via this way is an indirect and different approach than partial immortalization through regenerative medicine. In the hypothetical Pimm process there is no need to experiment with Methuselah mice, because theoretically every tissue and every organ of the whole human body could be replaced and regenerated separately with the help of stem cells and tissue engineering. If an adult body was regenerated once, then it could be regenerated n times. Eventually all the separate regenerative stem cell work on animals and humans will converge on the whole regeneration of a complete human body.