Future Hollywood movie called “The Immortalist”

From Yahoo News: LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Bennett Miller, the Oscar-nominated director of “Capote,” is working on a futuristic movie called “The Immortalist.” The project, which has yet to be written, is a “character-driven drama set in the emerging world of life extension,” he said. Details of the plot are still under wraps, but Miller described it as “not a science fiction film … (but) a drama set in the very real world of those pursuing biological immortality.” He added: “It’s a pursuit that attracts some extremely brilliant, wealthy and influential people. It also attracts tragic figures. This story follows one such person on his disturbing foray into it.” Link

Well, what can I say? I am hungry for the technological details. I just wonder how these guys imagine the ins and outs of life extension.

Thanks Anna.

Update: those links are not working anymore, here is a stable one: Bennett Miller Helming The Immortalist

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