Patent trends in recent tissue engineering

In Nature Biotechnology 24, 1095 (2006) there is an interesting table made by Thomson Scientific Search Service about recent patent applications in tissue engineering. From that we can gain a picture of what is hot in current tissue engineering: popular organs, tissues, regeneration targets are skin, bone, cartilage, main problem is how to make 3D scaffolds with predetermined geometry, foam and matrices with proper stretch capacity and tensional strength, magnetic pole matrices for targeted drug delivery, new culture mediums, electronic devices like biosensors, microchips. For example Patent CN 1746295 is:patent4
Competitors are: China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, USA, Germany.

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  1. I sent you the original Nature Biotech paper, there is additional information about that patent: priority application date, publication date, assignee(s) and that’s all I know. You can search the authors themselves.

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