Complete regeneration of sceletal muscle: how much work?

Complmusclepimmete regeneration of the muscular and skeletal system of an adult human body forms the crucial part of the pimm draft, let us take a look at the muscle world only. With 250 million skeletal muscle fibers in the body (give or take a few million), and about 420,000 motor neurons and calculating 100 trillion cells per adult human body, if we can continuously regenerate the whole sceletal musculature, then very roughly the 1/400 000 (10(14)/2.5×10(8)) part of partial imortalization job is done. Of course this number refers only to the quantitative cellular turnover level, but the whole muscular system regeneration is worth a much bigger portion of the work, if we consider the organ system level. As there are 12 major organ systems and muscular is one out of the 12, the output is 1/12 part of continuous regeneration treatment calculating that way. The real value could be somewhere between the 2 estimations, closer to the organ system calculation.

In future posts I will survey the role of bone marrow cells and satellite cells in sceletal muscle regeneration.

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