Wiki possibilities for life (extension) sciences

Yesterday some frienjimbods and me organized a meeting where the speaker was the convincing Jimbo Wiki Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He told us about the overall wiki phenomena and his latest proposal the Campaigns Wikia website, which is about participatory politics made by web users and wiki software. I had a concrete campaign offer in July to support life extension and regenerative medicine. Not the last time, my thoughts went for LE during Jimbo’s talk and I saw a light (see the picture): what exactly can collaborative wiki software based communities do for sciences behind life extension? Do we have an existing community along those lines, which can build a collective knowledge-base around the topic? Although we have interesting and worthy wikisites in bioinformatics, like BioWiki and Wikiomics, one more step is needed: some real collaborative effort to collect all knowledge – medical biotech, molecular and cell biology, bioinformatics, IT, systems biology, traditional medicine… – that can become indispensable for life extension technologies. And presently, wiki is the best option to do that online.
expert community+ wiki software= knowledgebase for maximum life extension

Cool stuff: Wiki edited Wired article about the wiki phenomena beyond Wikipedia: Veni, Vidi, Wiki.

3 thoughts on “Wiki possibilities for life (extension) sciences

  1. This is a very interesting idea: a longevity wiki. I’m really quite ignorant of the workings of wikis but I’ve begun a blog in which I intend to document my own practical health strategies: exercise, diet and so forth. I have been a journalist but never a scientist.

    Simply in the past few weeks I’ve collected a number of postings around the web from such people as FuturePundit, Longevity Meme, Ouroborus, EurekAlert and others. I’ve collected recipes for hot cocoa, I can document my own workout regime from my point of view — that of a 78-year-old cardiac patient — and this is the type of thing I intend to blog. My contribution may be unscientific but I can see the value of interconnecting this with the SENS site, the Methuselah Foundation and other relevant parties.

    Is this yet being put together? Where can I find such a wiki?

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