Meditating on the extension of life by Sunday Times: good old confusions

Another day, another mainstream media attention to life extension in general and on a large scale: Minette Marrin philosophizes on aging aging anti-aging. Logical extension of the previous BBC News piece mainly in its blurry points. It is risky to confuse the attempt to technologically eliminate ageing related problems with the desire to eliminate death related problems. See the critics below. Suppose we are partially immortalized: In that case we could die in all the known forms of external death except only the internal causes of death through ageing and chronic diseases. For example, a partially immortalized person could die in a car accident, could be stabbed by a knife, or shot by a gun, a nuclear weapon …and she could commit suicide with these means. She could also die in an acute disease, in hepatitis, virus infection, kidney failure, liver cyrhosis, or a stroke…. She could die tragically, heroically, comically, ironically, slowly, suddenly… Whatever you want dear death-is-the-only-thing-that-can-give-meaning-to-life believers. Old intuitions just won’t live up to expectations.