Joining the healthy life extension community

Influential daily news article about the pimmblog on The Longevity Meme by Reason. Now LM is one of the main web channel of the worldwide but small life extension community, so it is an honor indeed.
Remember: we live in a niche, niche world. Today healthy and maximum life extension is in the minds of a few people but will eventually effect the lives of every human being.
Reason says: “The old brands (“life extension”, “anti-aging”) are losing their strength or merits, and new labels have not yet arisen to prominence. So everyone picks their own, which is fine – let cultural evolution sort out the winners.“.
In my opinion, the what-to-call-it question is just a language game, which could be important in marketing (it really is) but not in the research&development of a well functioning life extension technology, which is of utmost importance. The human body is one of the biggest engineering challenge, there are ten major organ systems, more than 200 cell types, about 10-100 trillion cells, three major types of biological macromolecules, unorganic components, so all the technologies, which can extend healthy human lifespan, be it in vitro tissue engineering, in vivo stem cell transplantation, fixing metabolism, genetic stabilizers, antioxidants, molecular repair systems, … must work together and will converge.
What concerns the distribution and publicity of LE idea: well here I make an attempt to think over the technological, scientific, economic, philosophical, moral and everyday aspects of maximum life extension and regenerative medicine in general and later publish it as a book. Anyone has an offer where to publish it? I would be very glad to hear some ideas. I’ve been thinking about the self publishing type of which fits well with the current web era.
Thx for the attention once more and let’s start thinking together.