Who will be the first completely regenerated i.e. partially immortalized person?

Well, of course I don’t know his/her name, but I have a strong guess about the condition.
I think the first person, whose all tissues and organs will be regenerated and so fixed in a constant physiological age, will be a very sick patient with declining function in all tissues and organs, for instance a person with terminal cancer and metastases in every body part, so there won’t be any ethical obstacles to treat him or not, because that will be the only chance to save his life. This man will be between life and death, so it won’t be a question whether it is therapy or enhancement, good or bad, permissible or prohibited, legal or illegal. This would be just the way to achieve a medical breakthrough. By that time all parts of a complete body regeneration will be solved and tested separately on patients with local problems as an organic development of regenerative medicine for therapeutical purposes.
There is some non-zero probability that the first immortalized person of the future is alive at the present moment, although he must be not too old. It takes tens of years to develop every component of the total regenerative treatment. But not a hundred years.

Another option is to complete a whole body regeneration on a healthy person first, who is a volunteer.


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