Google’s coming out in biotech: when and why?

When and for what reason will Google launch a biotech business, and why regenerative medicine?

It is a big pagecoatquestion what kind of company Google Incorporation plans to become beyond the core search engine and ad business. Google is a geek company founded by two extremely talented IT nerds. My guess is that for Google the logical extension of its tech savvy philosophy is to start some biotech enterprise in the next ten years to come. Why do I think so?

First there is an original interest for biotech in G, we have the Venter story which was criticized by many. In The Google Story David Vise wrote about “ambitious long-term plans for Google’s expansion into the fields of biology and genetics and the fusion of science, medicine, and technology.”

Second, tech investment and development is near to a turning point. In the June Business 2.0 Magazine there was a list of the 100 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies out of which the first ten is worth considering a little bit. techcomp.png

Five out of these top companies – Celgene the first, Palomar Medical Technologies, LifeCell, Gilead Sciences and Clinical Data are positioned in the Medical sector. The other five are distributed between Software, Electronics and Business Services sector, but the infotech umbrella term could easily be applied to them. The medical five are biotech enterprises not big pharmas, like GlaxoSmithCline or Novartis. No surprise, that it is a hidden trend in the Valley, that succesful IT entrepreneurs invest into BT start-ups. The statistics refer to an emerging phenomena not just in the Valley, but all the techhubs in the world, a phenomena, that deserves detailed discussions.
Third, and most importantly biotech is the next big thing in high-tech. The future of high tech is the perfect combination of its two main sectors, BT and IT. This creates not just a permissive but a highly supportive environment for new BT start-ups. Highlights its actuality. Biotech’s potential to transform human culture in all its segments is bigger than any other known technology. Red or medical biotech, which accounts for some 86% of all biotech companies is able to transform human beings in a way other technology could not. The most promising area of red biotech is regenerative medicine. Biotech is the next big thing in the overall tech sector, and consequently the next big determinant of the world.

And what business fits better with the long term strategy of a company, which aims to organize the world’s information ever, than maximum life extension, the ultimate and unlimited business enterprise which would be no other then prolonged regenerative medicine? So my guess is that Google will start some kind of biotech business in the next, say 10 years, and its focus area will be tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Good luck, brothers.

3 thoughts on “Google’s coming out in biotech: when and why?

  1. I am afraid you overestimate the significance of biotech as a separate high tech industry. Try to think also about nanotech and the impact it will sooner or later have on mankind. And, finally, there are also guys among us who try really hard to come up with AGI (Artificial General Intelligence – see e.g. that will most likely change the future in currently unimaginable ways. There is a real need to realize we live in a time of converging technologies (biotech, infotech, nanotech and cognitech) whose implications we can only anticipate now. Otherwise, I have to say I like this blog. Keep it up.

  2. The Business 2.0 statistics surprised me and it suggests a strong separate biotech industry, as it is.
    Yes, AGI fits better with the present aims of the G guys, than tissue engineering, But in the long run, convergence rules, and the drive for this convergence will mainly come from the most mature high-tech: infotech.
    Thx for the comment.

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