Maximum life extension: product and serve

Pimm as business would be a product or a service? Well, if there is one integrated process or technology, which can offer for his customer a complete continous regeneration treatment, then it is obviously a service. But behind this service there must be numerous products ready before the treatment: all the tissue engineered organs, tissues (liver, heart, muscle, kidney, lung, vasculature…), all the stem or progenitor cell types of differentiated cells (more than 200 type), and all the extracellular matrix environment (collagen, elastin, proteglycans…) which are needed for a complete regeneration of an adult human body.

So, on the service level, there would be doctors, nurses who will manage the regeneration treatment, and on the product level there would be biotechnologists, bioengineers who make the organs, tissues, cells, molecules.


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