Google Trends: life extension, brief analysis

Sorry for interrupting our narrowcast, but Google’s brand new service Google Trends is so powerful, that it compels us to talk about it within the pimm context. It is a Zeitgeist update, which allows the user to sort through several years of Google search queries from around the world selected by cities, regions, languages. Here are the results for the term “life extension”.


The above search-volume graph, which is relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time shows that from 2003 people’s interest in life extension is quite stable all around the world. The 2 top cities are Miami and Frisco, which fits with the knowledge, that Miami is the center of the Grey Zone, and Frisco is a big biotech center. Now look at the regions:


Selected by regions the number 2 Australia is interesting but not a surprise since Australia’s biotech industry is evolving with a very rapid pace. India’s position (4) is weird a little bit now, but I think it marks the Asian biotech trend somehow. Singapore (you know Biopolis, free embryonic stem cell research), China are missing, please somebody explain it to me. When we search just for ‘life extension’ without quotation marks, which contains all searches indifferent from the order of the searhc terms, Singapore is the number one.


In “plastic surgery” the winner is… L.A. :O) Congratulations.

Originally posted at May 12th, 2006,