The lifestyle of the pimm future: the Kurzweil case

The lifestyle of a partially immortalized individual won’t be easy. At the beginning of the technology it takes continuous monitoring and treatment of the body, which equals significant proportion of the lifetime in the regeneration clinic, or at home, if the treatment permits it. Make no mistake: this is the price of pimm. And not the whole. If intuition fails to capture this situation, and it does, then look at the life of Ray Kurzweil, the former successful computer scientist (Stevie Wonder, anyone remembers?), author of the Spiritual Machines book (oh man, I liked that much) who is the leading extreme longevity proponent of our time. In a fascinating interview with Kurzweil by David Jay Brown, called Reprogramming your Biochemistry for Immortality, Kurzweil uncovers his lifestyle: “I take two hundred and fifty supplements a day, and I monitor my body regularly. I’m not just flying without instrumentation. Being an engineer, I like data and I monitor fifty or sixty different blood levels every few months, and I’m constantly fine-tuning my program. All of my blood levels are ideal. My Homocysteine level many years ago was eleven, but now it’s five. My C-reactive protein is 0.1. My cholesterol is 130. My LDL is about 60, and my HDL—which was 28—is now close to sixty. And so on and so forth. …I’ve also taken biological aging tests, which measure things like tactile sensitivity, reaction time, memory, and decision-making speed. There are forty different tests…”

And here is an argument against those, who reject radical life extension on the ground that to live extremely long would be extremely boring: if you are under a continuous regeneration treatment, it takes a substantial portion of your lifetime, say, 30%, and during treatment time, you won’t be bored, because it needs your active participation, in the extremity, so eventually you become your own regenerative physician. Biotech DIY on the highest level.
What we need is a whole new kind of body awareness.
Hey, would-be immortalizers, pimmers! Get ready for the future!

Originally posted at May 7th, 2006,


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