The parameters of a partially immortalized individual

According to the pimm script the parameters of a partially immortalized individual are:

-the individual is continuously and voluntarily under regeneration treatment, its own body parts are partially regenerated.


the individual could quit out of the regeneration treatment voluntarily at any stadium without harming his health, and can choose normal (evolutionary made and fixed) ageing and today’s expected lifetime and death.


– the biological age of the individual is constant, he is not aging because of the treatment, his metabolism and energy household is normal.

– the individual’s body could not be harmed in an irreversible way, because it could be repaired, replaced and regenerated except in case of a sudden death.

– the individual could die in all the known forms of death (external) except the internal cause of death through ageing and chronic diseases. For example, one could die in a car accident, could be stabbed by a knife, or shot by a gun, a nuclear weapon …and he could commit suicide with these means. He could also die in an acute disease, in hepatitis, virus infection, kidney failure, liver cyrhosis, or a stroke.

Originally posted at May 6th, 2006,