Let’s write a book about partial immortalization now online!

Hi, I am Attila Chordash (say tshor-dash) = Attila Csordás (Hungarian), a last year PhD student, a trained molecular biologist and biotechnologist, and my topic is stem cell biology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine. I got a master’s degree in philosophy too.

My plan here is to write an online book (bloog, blook) about Partial immortalization with the help of you, dear readers, commenters, participators. A good example for such an effort is The Long Tail which is the coming book of Wired‘s editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson.

Partial immortalization – Pimm is an online bookblog about maximum life extension and regenerative medicine. Please participate and comment because the true value and quality of the adventure needs your contribution, which I would really appreciate.

The subtitle of this ongoing book presumably will be: the philosophical problems of human biotechnology and regenerative medicine.

Though our main topic is a technological possibility, we got a chance to stand in the intersection of science, technology, philosophy, economics, religion, politics, and culture.

Partial immortalization is an extrapolated technology with which humans can reach an unlimited lifespan.

Throughout this blog I promise you an intellectual but exciting journey, a journey which helps us to think over the main problems and meanings of our human lives.

That’s why we don’t have to be cool, hip or whatever. We have to be concentrated, and overuse our imagination. That’s all.

The topic of the next post will be: What is partial immortalization.

Originally posted at April 30th, 2006, http://attilachordash.wordpress.com/